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Love Me Some Chlorophyl


I have been reminiscing about my childhood recently. I’m not sure why, I have no desire to live there again. I’ve lived out west for far too many years. East Texas is a lovely country however and I love visiting from time to time.

The summers were glorious as a child. I knew what you could eat and what not to. I knew the poisonous plants that would give you rashes, poison oak, poison ivy etc., and the places most likely to harbor a water moccasin or cotton mouth. There were even a few swamps around and the occasional alligator and huge and I mean huge constrictors. The dirt roads were wide enough for a school bus and a pickup to pass. I remember this one constrictor had his head in one ditch and his tail in another. I treated that big boy as a force of nature and left him the hell alone.

The above creatures were fairly easy to avoid. Keep your eyes open and don’t go where they are likely to be. The real problem was the bugs; mosquitos, ticks, chiggers,  and no-see-ums. These were the parasites, the bloodsuckers. Then there were ants, wasps, bees and hornets. These guys didn’t usually bother you if you left them alone. I had a friend that threw rock at a hornet’s nest, one of the hornets seem to follow the rock’s trajectory back and popped this kid right between the eyes, He was not a pretty sight. There was also a bug called a blister bug. If it landed on you and you smashed it, everywhere the insect’s fluid touched would develop really nasty blisters. I can vouch for the truth of that from first hand experience.

Loved the summer storms. The lightning would light up the night sky and the thunder would rattle my grandparent’s old farmhouse. The really bad storms, the tornado watch kind of storms, would have hail, high winds, sideways blowing rain, lots of lightning and thunder that you could feel in your bones. Loved them too, made you feel alive all that energy being released.

My grandfather had a dog named Chubby. He wasn’t chubby but had been as a pup and the name stuck. This dog was my companion and protector when I went on my summer forays into the forest. The woods were thick and in places the undergrowth near impassable. Chubby always took point and led the way. He hated snakes and killed several. He was bitten by water moccasins three times that I know of. My grandfather was not one to call a vet for a dog. Chubby would go stand in the stream and let the cool water reduce the fever. Over time he may have built an immunity to the venom as well. Chubby joined the family when I was one and when I was fourteen he went into the forest one day and never came back. Cool dog, he is a big part of my childhood memories.

The humidity competed with the temperature in summer to see which would be higher. The temp and humidity both in the 90s was not uncommon. It was miserable. You stayed in the shade as much as possible and cast forth a prayer for a cooling breeze. Of course, that kind of weather only made the cold watermelon and homemade ice cream that much better. I lived on iced tea. Still do for that matter.

I’ve rambled on long enough. The picture below as well as the picture on the front page of the blog are both from East Texas. The forest is still thick and beautiful in places but there are more homes now and clear cutting has taken  a toll on that beautiful land.

Enjoy the photo.

Till next time, be healthy, be happy, be creative.

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Saturday – A poem and a photo


Well, my friends, it has been a long hard week and my synapses aren’t firing at their maximum potential. In fact my mind is pretty much mush. So in view of the mental deficiency inherent in mentally draining work coupled with chronic sleep deprivation, I have decided to share an old poem and a photo. The poem is one I wrote several years ago and speaks of the moments when the colors of dawn are at their glory. The photo, surprise, surprise, is of a sunrise. I captured this shot one morning in Phoenix, AZ. I hope you enjoy.

Aurora’s Gift

Aurora, goddess                                                         Chill morn warmed
of the dawn;                                                                by distant fire;
nature’s beauty,                                                          a song of thanks
newly spawned.                                                          from avian choir

Behold the wonder                                                      Ever-changing,
of earliest morn,                                                          ever new,
the sky, her ebon                                                        beauty quickly
raiments shorn.                                                           fades from view.

Sol and Terra;                                                             Look swiftly now
ageless tryst,                                                               while splendor lasts
darkness flees                                                             too soon by far
with sun’s first kiss.                                                      the time is past.

With feline grace                                                         The magic wanes
dawn arrives;                                                               with Sol’s ascent,
morning breaks;                                                          the dawn, the moments,
the world revived.                                                        quickly spent.

Clouds on fire,                                                             Then it’s gone,
sunbeams prance;                                                       so soon, so swift;
light and shadow,                                                         again tomorrow,
ancient dance.                                                             Aurora’s gift.

Overgrown Elf

There it is my friends, my Saturday morning offering. Hope this brings a smile to your face. Nature is far lovelier than words can ever convey. The best a poet can hope for is to paint a picture in the reader’s mind’s eye. I hope I succeeded.

I tried but lack the knowledge necessary to center the head and move the sig and date to the right. My inner luddite strikes again.

Till next time, be safe, be happy, be creative.

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Friday – patience rewarded

I have decided to share some of my favorite photos. I am fortunate to have a camera that takes better pictures than I am a photographer. It makes me look good. This particular photo was taken in the parking lot of a restaurant in Phoenix, AZ several years ago. The restaurant is no longer there, a victim of the recession.

Subject change – I went to the gym today. It was Friday, the coach knows I have two days to recover so it was pretty intense. That’s good though, if you don’t push yourself beyond what’s comfortable you never get any better. That is true for far more than working out. Anyway, lots of aerobics, lots of practicing combinations,bands, squats, stretching, etc., and it had recently rained and the unusual humidity was kicking my butt. Anyway, I survived, got home took a shower and took my blood pressure – 99/68, which explains how I was able to do a masterful imitation of an overgrown sloth. Felt much better after some food. I was merely exhausted. Hope I sleep well.

Subject change #2 – I have been thinking a lot about the difference between religion and philosophy lately. I am expert at neither religion or philosophy . Having said that I do observe and what I’ve seen in my sixty years leaves me to believe the following. Religion is based on following the tenets of the particular religion in question, questions are allowed but the answers have been decided by someone or some body that determines the ideology inherent to that particular religion. If one is unable to accept the answer given the options are to keep your doubts to yourself or find a new religion. Philosophy is all about questions, the questions and the answers change as one’s age and circumstances change. The question may be universal but the answer is probably unique to the individual posing the question. If the answer received either from self study or from a mentor is not what one wishes perhaps the question should be rephrased or perhaps the answer is correct and the person asking the question is not yet ready to ask that question.

This is very basic I realize and religion and philosophy are both subjects worthy of words far more eloquent than mine. The point I am trying to make however is still, I believe, valid. Religion generally attracts people who expect others to give them the answers to life’s mysteries. Philosophy generally attracts people who seek their own answers. The philosopher is not attracted to a one size fits all answer to their very personal questions. And yes, there are exceptions, there always are, hence the word generally.

Weekend only eight work hours away. Is that cheering I hear? Yes it is. It is me cheering. Saturday is unscheduled, that probably means at least some household chores. Sunday is breakfast with friends, then trying to become a hermit and write. It has been too long since I have written anything. If I don’t find the time to write soon, my brain to going to either wither or explode, neither is acceptable. All these characters rattling around my head clamoring for me to tell their stories and life keep getting in the way.

Scale said 251.0, keep plugging away, that’s eight pounds gone.

Nothing more to say. Have a great Friday and a better weekend.

Till next time, be safe, be happy, be creative.

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