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Gypsy Muse Meeting

Met with some of my Gypsy Muse buddies today. We now have a science guy, too cool. He gave us some good ideas on the Consortium Project. I either have to do a major rewrite on “Personnel Change” or scrap it and start over. I wrote it before we had a science guy.

Our science guy has agreed to review our stories. This will make them more believable but more difficult to write. The constraints of keeping them scientifically feasible greatly limits the story lines. If the stories aren’t scientifically feasible the savvy readers will likely rip the them to shreds. We will be extrapolating far into the future but the extrapolations begin with hard science or at least current generally  accepted theory.

I currently have several other writing projects at present: “It Fell Out Of The Sky,” “The First Time I Died,” “Dealer’s Choice,” and my second novel, “Unfinished Business.” I would love to finish the novel but there are probably fifty to one hundred pages to go and that is a serious block of time right now. There is a Gypsy Muse meeting August 26th and two  in September. I need something on paper for each.

Factor in work, sleep and the gym three times weekly and time to write is a precious commodity. The novel will have to wait.

The other Consortium members are much younger than me. I feed off their enthusiasm.

If we can pen some decent stories they want to market them visa Amazon. We’re talking probably $.99 cents to read a story but you have to start somewhere.

More ramblings later. In the meantime go write something.

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