Is It Only Monday?


Getting cable tomorrow, what do you want to bet it is more involved than I think it is.

Worked on one of my stories today. It is titled “The Curious Item That Fell From The Sky.” More about that later.

The scale said 255.5 last time I looked. Note to Self: patience, Self, patience, it will come off, just keep plugging away.

Went to the gym today. Nearly all aerobics, worked out for thirty minutes, thought I was gonna cough up a lung, not really but I was sucking air, had a major sweat going, average heart rate for the workout was 124.

Enjoyed the weekend. Can’t wait for the next one. Barring mandatory overtime the next one is a three-day. Gotta love paid holidays.

I got involved in my writing and stayed up too late again. If I go to bed now I can maybe get five hours sleep.

Gotta try, it’s embarrassing when you bang your head into your desk at work.

Till next time, be good or have fun, if you can do both at once, in either case, be creative.

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Sunday Too Soon


As the titles implies it is Sunday and it arrived far too soon. Saturday was a very busy day. I was awake in excess of 24 hours so it all seems somewhat unreal, almost dreamlike.

Scale was kind today, 255.5, not much but in the right direction.

Gypsy Muse met today. We discussed last weeks offerings and submitted new stories for review. I received positive feedback on last months story. It was titled “A Demon Of Ill Repute.”

The writing group is a blast. Getting constructive feedback on my writing can only make me a better writer. Several people read my offerings but most just for fun. To have intelligent, perceptive people critique my work is priceless. What is clear to me when I write it may be confusing to the reader. Without feedback I wouldn’t know where to improve or even that improvement was necessary.

Had the little whirly things on the roof replaced today. I replaced them last time but that was fifteen or so years ago. I went up on the roof to check them out and quickly decided that this sixty year old should keep his feet on the ground.

I have yet to master adding links. I am sure it is some little thing I am doing wrong. Repeated attempts proved unsuccessful. Eventually, concern for my sanity caused me to cease and desist. Tomorrow is another day and I will ask someone more knowledgable than I.

Gym tomorrow, going to push it as hard as I can. Would like to get the average heart rate for the 30 minutes in the high 120s or low 130s. Slamming your fists into the bag is not only healthy for the body it is a great way to work off any frustrations. For those few minutes my world consist of a spot on the bag no bigger than the width of my boxing glove. Total concentration, throw the punch, twisting the hip and foot, getting the weight behind the punch, the power behind the punch making the bag dance. Sweet.

Lot of projects going on right now. It is a bit daunting but it will be very satisfying if, not if, when I finish them all. Of course, I will have added another three or four to the list by the time these are finished.

Should go now, as my dear departed Daddy used to say, “my sleepy hurts all over.”

Till next time, be safe, be happy, be creative.

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Sleep deprived ramblings and a poem

Greetings visitor,

I am posting another poem. This one is called Universe. It is not new but it is one of my favorites

The magic number today is 256, down 3.5 pounds since Wednesday, a decent start.

Computer guru still tweaking the Mac. We are going cable to increase download speed. The increase will be significant, approximately 16 to 18 times as fast as the DSL.

Pot luck at work last night. Lost a valued 3rd shift mutual fund member to another department. Smart fellow, good worker, hate to seem him go. He will be going to 2nd shift. Might even have something resembling a life.

Still have one of the Gypsy Muse member’s documents to critique. The meeting is at noon tomorrow.

First though, must sleep, been awake about 20 hours now, brain functioning at reduced capacity.

So many things going on and no time to write. Things will slow down eventually but I need some “me” time to create. The stories are rattling around, just waiting to come out.

I am going to retire now. If I could think of something pithy to say I would but that part of my brain seems to be on strike.

In the meantime, be safe, be happy, be creative.

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Slow Day

Not much to write today. I am up well beyond my normal bedtime. Today’s number is 257.5. That’s up a pound. Well, the veggies were good just too late in the in the day.

Gym this morning, shoulders, presses and rows, then punching combinations mixed in with varied ab work. Good work out but we’re kicking it up next week. Lot more cardio, get the blood pressure up and get my wind back.

Still have one of the Gypsy Muse writer’s work to critique before Sunday.

Company Saturday and a meeting Sunday. This whole working thing is cramping my style, or it would if I had any style. There seems fewer and fewer opportunities to write. I’ll have to find a way to make time. Of course I say that about working out at home as well. Not enough time, never enough time.

Pot luck tonight, a coworker is moving on to something new. Wish him the best. He is a smart guy and the department will miss his expertise.

Tired, need sleep. Till tomorrow, be safe, be happy.

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I am such a luddite

I am still learning how to use this blog and it is sometimes frustrating. I’ll do as best I can till I can ask someone more knowledgable than I.

Still loving the rain.

Meet with Gypsy Muse Sunday. I’ll hand in my newest effort, “The Girl In Apartment 2G.” As soon as I figure out how to post a link I will make it available. It is twenty pages, a bit long to copy and paste.

As mentioned yesterday I am posting my weight daily, today it is 256.5. That’s a three pound loss but alas, it’s all water weight. I’ll take it though.

Gym tomorrow morning, the coach likes really hard workouts on Fridays. He figures I have two days to get over it. I hate the first ten minutes at the gym, then the sweat glands start working and it’s game on. Love the feeling after a really hard workout followed by a shower. The muscles are loose, the lungs are clear and nothing hurts yet.

My computer guy will be out this weekend to tweak the computer some more. The new Mac Air is pretty amazing already. He’s the expert, he hasn’t led us astray yet. Knowing him for twenty years doesn’t hurt either.

Went to the Golden Corral today, stuck with veggies and meat but still probably won’t drop any weight today. The veggies were excellent and the meat was good as well. Ate one bite more than I should have, well maybe more than one but at least it was mostly veggies.

Till tomorrow. I don’t know if anyone will read this anytime soon but when you do thanks for reading and have a great day.

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Wednesday’s Ramblings

Went to the gym today, Irongloves Boxing, and no, I’m not a boxer, I take boxing lessons, huge difference. It is a fun way to stay in shape. Lots of aerobics, weights, lunges, squats etc. and of course throwing combinations while wearing 16 ounce gloves. After 30 minutes you definitely get a sweat on. One exercise on the heavy bag is called the pyramid, basically you throw two punches low, two punches high, then four low, four high. You increase the number by two till you get to twelve then decrease by two till you return to two. The completed pyramid is 72 punches. Today this exercise was against the stop watch. My time to complete the pyramid was 27 seconds. My best is 24 seconds. This exercise is all about speed, not power. It is hard to be fast and powerful at the same time. It is something to which I aspire.

Speaking of something to aspire to, for me it is looking in the mirror and seeing less of me looking back. In that vein, I am posting a number, 259.5. If you guessed that is my weight you are correct. I will be posting it daily for the next three months. The goal is to be in the 220s at the end of November. That is not the final goal but a short term one. The ultimate goal is somewhere in the mid 180s. I’ve dieted before with varying degrees of success but never with the the results, good or bad, published daily. So wish me luck.

Enjoyed the rain last night. It was raining very hard when I left for work. The freeway traffic slowed to 45 mph.

I would post another poem but am waiting to see if there is any feedback for Summer Storm. I found it serendipitous that the same day I posted a poem called Summer Storm we had one. We’ll see if posting my weight goals work the same way. If only it were that easy.

Enough ramblings for one day. I want to write a little before bed and time is marching on. Thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings. Come again, I don’t know what I am going to talk about till it appears on the page. It might even be something interesting ever now and then.

In the mean time, go write something.

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Summer Storm

Thought I would share one of my poems today. I was remembering the kind of storms from when I was a kid back in East Texas and decided to pen this little poem.

A confession, I tried to add a link for this poem but since I’m technologically challenged I was unsuccessful. I will have to have some of my young friends show me how.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy my word play.

Summer Storm

Sky’s gettin’ dark like a bad attitude;

“Clouds rumblin’ and grumblin’

Getting in the mood.

Lightnin’ flashes getting mighty close;

Wind whippin’ and twistin’

Getting’ ready for the show.

Raindrops play a staccato tune;

“Maybe she’ll blow by,”

But I spoke too soon.

Rain starts gentle but it doesn’t last;

Hail comes callin’

With a mighty blast.

Wind keeps tearin’ at my tired old shack;

Barely past noon,

But the sky’s sure black.

Wind gets stronger — I hear a tree go;

Mean old storm

Takes out my window.

Floor’s gettin’ wet where the window broke;

If the rain keeps comin’

I’m gonna need me a boat.

Darn tin roof — can’t hear a thing;

Hail finally stops,

What relief that brings.

Storm lets up in an hour or so;

Dirt floor’s muddy,

But what a light show.

I’ll check out the damage when I get my breath;

Don’t mind admittin’

I was scared to death.

Big old storm, little bitty me;

And darn it all,

Lost my favorite tree.

Now storms is fine — we need the rain;

But a little less storm

Would be a nice thing.

Deane E. Carter

May 21, 2008

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Gypsy Muse Meeting

Met with some of my Gypsy Muse buddies today. We now have a science guy, too cool. He gave us some good ideas on the Consortium Project. I either have to do a major rewrite on “Personnel Change” or scrap it and start over. I wrote it before we had a science guy.

Our science guy has agreed to review our stories. This will make them more believable but more difficult to write. The constraints of keeping them scientifically feasible greatly limits the story lines. If the stories aren’t scientifically feasible the savvy readers will likely rip the them to shreds. We will be extrapolating far into the future but the extrapolations begin with hard science or at least current generally  accepted theory.

I currently have several other writing projects at present: “It Fell Out Of The Sky,” “The First Time I Died,” “Dealer’s Choice,” and my second novel, “Unfinished Business.” I would love to finish the novel but there are probably fifty to one hundred pages to go and that is a serious block of time right now. There is a Gypsy Muse meeting August 26th and two  in September. I need something on paper for each.

Factor in work, sleep and the gym three times weekly and time to write is a precious commodity. The novel will have to wait.

The other Consortium members are much younger than me. I feed off their enthusiasm.

If we can pen some decent stories they want to market them visa Amazon. We’re talking probably $.99 cents to read a story but you have to start somewhere.

More ramblings later. In the meantime go write something.

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