I am such a luddite

I am still learning how to use this blog and it is sometimes frustrating. I’ll do as best I can till I can ask someone more knowledgable than I.

Still loving the rain.

Meet with Gypsy Muse Sunday. I’ll hand in my newest effort, “The Girl In Apartment 2G.” As soon as I figure out how to post a link I will make it available. It is twenty pages, a bit long to copy and paste.

As mentioned yesterday I am posting my weight daily, today it is 256.5. That’s a three pound loss but alas, it’s all water weight. I’ll take it though.

Gym tomorrow morning, the coach likes really hard workouts on Fridays. He figures I have two days to get over it. I hate the first ten minutes at the gym, then the sweat glands start working and it’s game on. Love the feeling after a really hard workout followed by a shower. The muscles are loose, the lungs are clear and nothing hurts yet.

My computer guy will be out this weekend to tweak the computer some more. The new Mac Air is pretty amazing already. He’s the expert, he hasn’t led us astray yet. Knowing him for twenty years doesn’t hurt either.

Went to the Golden Corral today, stuck with veggies and meat but still probably won’t drop any weight today. The veggies were excellent and the meat was good as well. Ate one bite more than I should have, well maybe more than one but at least it was mostly veggies.

Till tomorrow. I don’t know if anyone will read this anytime soon but when you do thanks for reading and have a great day.

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Wednesday’s Ramblings

Went to the gym today, Irongloves Boxing, and no, I’m not a boxer, I take boxing lessons, huge difference. It is a fun way to stay in shape. Lots of aerobics, weights, lunges, squats etc. and of course throwing combinations while wearing 16 ounce gloves. After 30 minutes you definitely get a sweat on. One exercise on the heavy bag is called the pyramid, basically you throw two punches low, two punches high, then four low, four high. You increase the number by two till you get to twelve then decrease by two till you return to two. The completed pyramid is 72 punches. Today this exercise was against the stop watch. My time to complete the pyramid was 27 seconds. My best is 24 seconds. This exercise is all about speed, not power. It is hard to be fast and powerful at the same time. It is something to which I aspire.

Speaking of something to aspire to, for me it is looking in the mirror and seeing less of me looking back. In that vein, I am posting a number, 259.5. If you guessed that is my weight you are correct. I will be posting it daily for the next three months. The goal is to be in the 220s at the end of November. That is not the final goal but a short term one. The ultimate goal is somewhere in the mid 180s. I’ve dieted before with varying degrees of success but never with the the results, good or bad, published daily. So wish me luck.

Enjoyed the rain last night. It was raining very hard when I left for work. The freeway traffic slowed to 45 mph.

I would post another poem but am waiting to see if there is any feedback for Summer Storm. I found it serendipitous that the same day I posted a poem called Summer Storm we had one. We’ll see if posting my weight goals work the same way. If only it were that easy.

Enough ramblings for one day. I want to write a little before bed and time is marching on. Thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings. Come again, I don’t know what I am going to talk about till it appears on the page. It might even be something interesting ever now and then.

In the mean time, go write something.

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