Didn’t I Tell You


Well, the cable guy came today and I was right, it is more complicated than I thought it would be. First, the cable line got cut years ago but that’s a good thing. The reason it is a good thing is that I’ve lived here over twenty five years and I’ve never had cable. When the cable guy checked the address, Cox didn’t show any record of anyone ever having had cable at this address. So the cable line was installed by whichever cable company worked this area before Cox. I am perfectly content to get the current technology with a new line.

Of course that means Cox has to dig. First, before they can dig they have to get a permit. To Cox’s credit, they had a guy out here today getting the measurements etc., necessary to get a permit. Once they get the permit they will call and let us know when they’re going to dig and install the cable – to the house. Then another crew will have to come out and install the cable inside the house. Once that is completed my computer guy will make sure that the computer is tweaked to maximum and I will be able to download data approximately 16 to 18 times faster than with DSL. Like I said yesterday, more complicated than I thought it would be.

Computer guy tweaked the system today so that basically I can download and/or rip CDs with a minimum of input on my part. The less interaction I have with a process the more likely it will be successful. That, unfortunately, is the truth. Computers are not something I grew up with, the learning curve has been steep and long and only now do I feel like I understand what is going on. And then only on the most superficial level and often I am wrong. I see people in their twenties and thirties that grew up with these beasts and they know them like an old friend. My computer friend tries to keep things as simple as he can for me and my wife. I applaud his efforts.

Finally learned what I was doing wrong with the links. Check back Thursday to see if I remember what I’ve learned. Every Thursday I will try to post a link to either a poem or short story. Feed back is welcome, constructive criticism will be given proper consideration, kudos will be given even more consideration and any troll like comments will be deleted post haste. Hope you enjoy Thursday’s offerings.

i haven’t had a chance to write today so I am going to take an hour when I should be sleeping and write on my current project.

Oh, nearly forgot, the scale today said 255.0.

Till tomorrow, be safe, be happy, be creative.

The Overgrown Elf

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4 thoughts on “Didn’t I Tell You

  1. Maurice Newport

    Cyber-cynics get the boot… film at 10!

  2. Maurice Newport

    He opened the door carefully and looked within- and stood there quietly, gaping, unbelieving. Had reality shed him off like some infernal snake for which he no longer provided any value or meaning? What was this that could twist his tenderly-nurtured unity of sense and nonsense? What could happen? What was true? What next should he think or do? What would happen? Which was true? What next would he think or do? Ah! It was the entrance to the Headquarters of the Department of Redundancy Headquarters, he said aloud… and then he said it again… but this time… he really, really meant it…

  3. Maurice Newport

    Make that ‘The Headquarters of the Department of Redundancy Department Headquarters.’ I get so confused…

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