Sunday Too Soon


As the titles implies it is Sunday and it arrived far too soon. Saturday was a very busy day. I was awake in excess of 24 hours so it all seems somewhat unreal, almost dreamlike.

Scale was kind today, 255.5, not much but in the right direction.

Gypsy Muse met today. We discussed last weeks offerings and submitted new stories for review. I received positive feedback on last months story. It was titled “A Demon Of Ill Repute.”

The writing group is a blast. Getting constructive feedback on my writing can only make me a better writer. Several people read my offerings but most just for fun. To have intelligent, perceptive people critique my work is priceless. What is clear to me when I write it may be confusing to the reader. Without feedback I wouldn’t know where to improve or even that improvement was necessary.

Had the little whirly things on the roof replaced today. I replaced them last time but that was fifteen or so years ago. I went up on the roof to check them out and quickly decided that this sixty year old should keep his feet on the ground.

I have yet to master adding links. I am sure it is some little thing I am doing wrong. Repeated attempts proved unsuccessful. Eventually, concern for my sanity caused me to cease and desist. Tomorrow is another day and I will ask someone more knowledgable than I.

Gym tomorrow, going to push it as hard as I can. Would like to get the average heart rate for the 30 minutes in the high 120s or low 130s. Slamming your fists into the bag is not only healthy for the body it is a great way to work off any frustrations. For those few minutes my world consist of a spot on the bag no bigger than the width of my boxing glove. Total concentration, throw the punch, twisting the hip and foot, getting the weight behind the punch, the power behind the punch making the bag dance. Sweet.

Lot of projects going on right now. It is a bit daunting but it will be very satisfying if, not if, when I finish them all. Of course, I will have added another three or four to the list by the time these are finished.

Should go now, as my dear departed Daddy used to say, “my sleepy hurts all over.”

Till next time, be safe, be happy, be creative.

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One thought on “Sunday Too Soon

  1. Maurice Newport

    Write on, Smoke!

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