Sleep deprived ramblings and a poem

Greetings visitor,

I am posting another poem. This one is called Universe. It is not new but it is one of my favorites

The magic number today is 256, down 3.5 pounds since Wednesday, a decent start.

Computer guru still tweaking the Mac. We are going cable to increase download speed. The increase will be significant, approximately 16 to 18 times as fast as the DSL.

Pot luck at work last night. Lost a valued 3rd shift mutual fund member to another department. Smart fellow, good worker, hate to seem him go. He will be going to 2nd shift. Might even have something resembling a life.

Still have one of the Gypsy Muse member’s documents to critique. The meeting is at noon tomorrow.

First though, must sleep, been awake about 20 hours now, brain functioning at reduced capacity.

So many things going on and no time to write. Things will slow down eventually but I need some “me” time to create. The stories are rattling around, just waiting to come out.

I am going to retire now. If I could think of something pithy to say I would but that part of my brain seems to be on strike.

In the meantime, be safe, be happy, be creative.

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One thought on “Sleep deprived ramblings and a poem

  1. Maurice Newport

    A universe of self confronting the harsh mystery of otherness that confronts and confounds as we slip silently into our final black hole- do we make some grand exit or is it a well-camouflaged entrance? Who exactly is in charge here and what does anything have to do with all the pain and frustration I’ve had to go through? Film at 10… Thoughtful poem, Smoke!

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